Is the PL8s app safe to use?

YES! We’ve developed the app in such a way as to keep the drivers’ identity anonymous. We also use 2 factor authentication to make sure driver’s are who they say they are and connect their license plate to their phone #. Along with an email address, license plate #’s and phone #’s are all that we ask for and keep safe guarded.

We have also made the app safe to use while on the road. You can send a notification in less than 5 seconds by using the pre-filled out notification buttons.

How does the PL8s app work?
  1. A user first creates an account with their phone #
  2. After verification of the phone #, we ask for the email address, license plate #, and state. This connects the user’s phone # to their license plate.
  3. The user is now able to send and receive notifications
Is there a cost to use PL8s?

No, there is no charge. PL8s is absolutely free to use.

Can I send any message/notification I want to the driver?

No, unfortunately at this point we only allow the pre-filled out notifications. This allows us to cut down on road rage and keeps drivers safer.

Will you be updating the app and notifications?

Yes! As it’s currently in beta, we will be updating the app on a frequent basis. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them!

Should I be sending a notification to another driver while driving?

Even though PL8s is super fast and easy to use, PLEASE do not send notifications to other driver’s while actually driving, this is a bad idea.

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